Saturday, July 28, 2012

Join in the effort to improve Lives!

My most recent Ya novel just released on July 27th. A recent press release by PR Associates covered a brief interview with me this week, and below is the release which  posted yesterday.

Unspeakable Things is listed on and Barnes and and is available in both digital format and paperback. The pricing is below most of the competing ya novels in it's category, as most are selling at $9.99 and up.

To purchase from Amazon follow this link- Link to
To purchase  from Barnes and Noble- Link to Barnes and Noble

Thank you in advance to all of you who purchase a copy of the book, as we begin a major effort to improve the lives of the Lakota Indian youth of Pine Ridge reservation and assist One Spirit.

Below is the official press release:

The long awaited release of author Heather McBride's newest novel has arrived, Today the novel is available for purchase from the heavy hitting online retailers, and Barnes and Noble.

( July 27, 2012 -- This novel holds a greater significance as this release day breaks, says McBride, since a cut of every sale will be directly donated to One Spirit, to help assist this group in improving the lives of the Lakota Indian youth of Pine Ridge reservation in South Dakota. McBride has been working with Jeri Baker, the director of One spirit to arrange this on going donation from her books sales.
The goal for this connection, says McBride, is not only to raise money for youth centers and various other projects on the reservation, but to help spread awareness about the living conditions on the reservation, which to date have not been improved by our government, despite many empty promises.
McBride has committed herself and her novel to try and improve the lives of the Lakota Youth. McBride's young adult fiction novel. Unspeakable Things is set on Pine Ridge reservation and it's leading characters are Lakota teen's. The novel, while fictional and not based on any events related to the reservation, is meant to help open the readers eyes to a world they did not know existed. The book also contains information about One Spirit, and the Lakota Indians, in the very first section of the novel. McBride also dedicated the book to the Lakota people, as her way of showing her commitment to working with them and assisting them.

McBride says while doing research for the novel, she happened to see some videos on You Tube of Pine Ridge, and she knew then what her novel was meant to do, other than be "just another book". She set a goal to have it help people living on this reservation. Her mission is to see the statistics of the teen suicide rate go down for Lakota teens, and see their lives greatly improved.

To help with improving the lives of the Lakota Youth, please consider purchasing a copy of Unspeakable Things and also visit which is One Spirit's home web site.

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