Tuesday, November 1, 2016

A Horse Called Nose and the Holidays around the corner.

Nov 1st, or the start of the holiday season? Yeah, according to the commercials and stores it's already begun. Far be it from me not to join in!! A Horse Called Nose will be arriving in paperback this month, so naturally it would be a great gift for little ones this year. The book released Oct 3rd to Kindle via Amazon.com and so far the feedback is wonderful!

Our goal is to donate copy's to my local library's and schools, so if you are reading this and you call southern Indiana home, let me know! Reading as we all know is such a fundamental  need for young children to get an early grasp on, so if giving out free books locally helps, I'm in!

Karen Iverson, my agent of all things creative :) is working on some local PR. I do plan to attend some book signings, book fairs and writer events, and along with a brand spanking new website launching this week
 ( I love by the way) we are now setting up school visits! These are simple short visits, related to the children's book of the teacher or librarians choosing. In past visits, I always try to bring goodies, like cute bookmarks, coloring sheets or something related to the book for the little ones, after all we all like gifts. Info on that is all listed on my new Author website! New author page right here

Other news, my new children's book, written and illustrated by yours truly, is going well! This is my first venture into the picture book area of the literary world, and I can tell ya, I really enjoy it! I am looking forward to the next phase after the page work is done. I can tell you it is about a little porcupine, but the rest will come later when the book is nearing the final stage.

Back to A horse Called Nose, a new Face Book page exclusively for the book is up and running. This is a fun, kids safe page, geared to be in the "voice" of Gypsy a.k.a. Nose the horse. I post updates, and pictures often, for little readers to have a look at, so be sure to drop off a new "like" to the page!A Horse Called Nose -Official FB page!

Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Kids books coming to paperback!

After a seemingly very long hiatus, I am back to work on 2 story's and setting up all 3 of my children's books for release in paper back format for the 1st time ever.  All 3 should be available in paperback form by the end of September, and I plan to donate some copies to our local library as well.